Gifts for Musicians, Just Gifts for Musicians ... However, Why Don’t  You Find More Real Music Calendars?


Bach gifts are musician gifts and music calendars are also musician gifts. Read exciting things about it on this page. However, you can already get to a very quick survey of the offer of "Bach 4 You", which will soon be 1,000+ musician gifts, with one click here ... that is to the shop of the Renate Bach Verlag (... Publishing House) in the wine community of Flein, south of Heilbronn in Baden-Württemberg, Southern Germany. Not completely serious: Are musician gifts gifts from musicians to non-musicians or gifts from non-musicians to musicians or ... even ... gifts that musicians give to musicians?



So Many Gifts for Musicians ... However, Why Is There Such a Small Number of Music Calendars Among Them. Aren't They Gifts for Musicians and for Music Fans? 


Gifts for musicians. Where could you better offer cool gifts for musicians than on the worldwide web?! Search "gifts for musicians" ... or enter "musician gifts" as a keyword on Google ... and find musician gifts: In well under a second, that results in 2,880,000 pages on Google now hoping for your visit. Tomorrow or in a week it will be a few more or a few less. On this, our website, you get both: An overview of some portals on the topic of "gifts for musicians" and very exclusively also many, really many music calendars on this topic. And of course, there are also many more gifts for musicians, which "Bach 4 You" offers in five online stores.


On this website there is a lot to read about musician gifts for you. However, we do not get "to the point" that quickly. But if you want to get a quick overview, that works too. For an overview of the 99 music calendars, each of which is ideally suited to the topic of musician gifts, please click above. And now you will immediately get an impression of the many Bach gifts. Bach gifts plus calendar offer? These are our approximately 150 musician gifts, directly from my Publisher. Please read on here if you like reading. Exciting is that ... in any case.


Now let's be serious: What is actually – for a musician – better suited for making a gift than a calendar? With a tiny budget, this already starts completely relaxed. Instead of a bottle of wine when visiting friends or your neighbors or just add to the flowers. You know, the Grangers or the Wilmans love concerts, sing themselves in the choir or play in an orchestra? Or you are in a music club? Then the calendars from Bach 4 You will take you from a spot-on hit in terms of hobbies to an exciting "aha effect". Surprise is the keyword here, because all calendars of the quite probably only music calendar publishing house on earth hang quite certainly never in the discounter around the corner and also not in a mall. Not even in bookshops they cross your way. Nine calendars are offered by my Publishing House at really super-cool prices: from the compact DIN A4 calendar to the noble DIN A2 calendar (... check what's these sizes in centimeters and in inches with a a click here). 90 more music calendars can be ordered at somewhat higher, but still inexpensive top conditions (... the prices for the inexpensive calendars are above the second yellow line in the store, those for the hot-off-the-press calendars are below the second yellow line in the store ... there are not more than six prices for calendars at "Bach 4 You". The price for a high quality DIN A2 calendar is ... compared with similar high-quality calendars ... also particularly favorable. In one design – and there is certainly no other like it on earth – you can even scout out the twelve favorite composers of your best friends and then compile them into a very special calendar with pinpoint accuracy. And just like that, you could then order this calendar from us.


So, for example, Verdi and Beethoven, Bach and Mozart, Bruckner and Handel, Sousa and Grieg, Vivaldi and Mendelssohn Bartholdy, Johann Strauss (... Father / I ) and Johann Strauss (... Son / II ). Your personal selection from twelve of 36 artists. Simply click once to our overview. If that is not a musician gift "to the point"?! Here you can click – again – to exactly this overview to exactly this composers calendar "12 of 36".


You can explore gifts for musicians on five internet platforms of "Bach 4 You", the tiny Publishing House in Southern Germany. Click on the link in this line and ... have a great time there. You can click here.



Musician Gifts and More Musician Gifts on the Internet: Are There Really No Cool Music Calendars? An Overview of 99 Music Calendars. Of Course Some of Them Are a Dream Gift for Musicians 


Gifts for musicians and more gifts for musicians can be found on the internet: But among these musician gifts are almost no calendars. Does that mean music themes for children – on a calendar – would not be a good idea? Or music as a calendar theme is basically hardly feasible? Or: The great composers can't be alternatively interpreted in a cool and hip and stylish way? Then: Nobody likes to hang highly exciting, historical pieces of jewelry on the wall? In general: Are gifts for musicians gifts to musicians? Or gifts from musicians? Or only gifts from musicians to musicians? It doesn't matter, maybe all of them are somehow just gifts for musicians. Click here to get to the store again. And ... do you see us smiling with this text?


Such gifts for musicians ... where else can you find that? 33 music calendars, 33 Bach calendars and 33 composers calendars. At least not on any portal for musician gifts. From these 99 calendars we have then put together 33 children's calendars for you, all however on the subject of music and all for an age "of the children" between 4 and 20. Even if children then already with 13 become teens and later finally then young adults. Among the 9 + 3 favorable calendars of my Publishing House there is by the way also the calendar "The Most Beautiful Pipe Organs of the World", but that is rather no children's calendar. By the way: On a very special, dreamlike website about pipe organs you will find more pipe organs than anywhere else in the world. Keyword "The Organ Site" by Martin Doering. And if you want to know more about Bach cities and Bach places ( ... there are 33, by the way), then you are in good hands at "Bach on Bach". Click here to get to the store.



The Google Page One Related to the Term of "Gifts for Musicians" 


If we just leave Amazon aside, where you actually find results to any keyword – that is true for the term gift for musicians, too – then you soon are spoiled for choice. There is the website DrumheadAuthority with "47+ Best Music Gifts for Musicians & Music Lovers". Next is Gear for Musicians. Position Number 3 on the very day of my research for you, is a help with Music Radar calling itself the "No. 1 Website for Musicians". Plus, after you visited all the first positions on Google there is also with "25 Genius Gifts For Music Lovers & Musicians That They Actually Want".


However, there are also real "big players" out there, where gifts for musicians are just a fraction of what they offer. Actually it's my opinion, that you find tons of stuff, which can be considered a gift for a musician, however: You find much stuff twice and again and again. Plus actually you have to be very patient, to find the unique gift. The unique gift for a musician.


To help you with that too, here are the most exciting offers: has a large variety related to several themes, however we are interested in the gifts for musicians only. Dude I want that is not just a funny name, but one of the front-runners too, when it comes to places in the Google Top 10. On Pinterest, there are many gifts for musicians around. Finally, we recommend the website Musician's


And also eBay and Zazzle, where we ourselves are also "heftily" represented, are always right up front. Finally, the second-to-last recommendation is Etsy, and my Publishing House "Bach 4 You" is also one vendor of this provider. Right at the front of Google. Finally – as with almost every topic – there remains Amazon and, in addition, there is always the one or other Google ad for suppliers of musician gifts, who are able to pay much for the contact with you. 



9 + 3 Value Priced Gifts for Musicians at "Bach 4 You": 9 + 3 Calendars in Three Sizes


Composers calendars are gifts for musicians and at the same time music calendars. The two calendars above and the horizontal calendars below are always available from the beginning of April each year and then approximately until February of the next year. Just at a low price, as long as stocks last. Of course, we reprint in November, when the last calendar of a design is sold before the end of the season, but not anymore in January. As a rule, all these 9 + 3 calendars are still available at the low prices until the beginning of the year. But first, as mentioned, already in April they are then already available again for the coming year. And there is ... secondly ... also the option to print any calendar at any time at the hot off the press price for you. All 90 hot off the press and also the 9 + 3 affordable ones. In DIN A4 and in DIN A3 and in DIN A2 (... check here, what's that in centimeters and in inches). And finally: Ask in March or April if there are any left for the current year, this can always be done. Now to the store?


The 2024 Pipe Organ Wall Calendar. "Bach 4 You" not only publishes a next pipe organ wall calendar each year, but you can still buy all pipe organ calendars of the previous years. With an actual calendrical that goes without saying.


The nine landscape formats among the 9 + 3* favorable calendars of my Publisher "Bach 4 You": three composers calendars, five are music calendars and one is a Bach calendar. In addition, there is the Beethoven Calendar, the Mozart Calendar and the Luther Calendar. All 9 + 3 affordable calendars are in the sizes DIN A4 and DIN A3 and DIN A2 (... check here again, what's that in centimeters and in inches) in the calendar peak season from October to December of each year mostly in stock and in the relation between topic, quality and price – compared with the offers of renowned, large calendar publishing houses, like PublishersGlobal, PaynePublishers or Willow Creek Press and other calendar publishing houses and calendar on-line publishing houses – absolutely comparable. In part, the calendars of "Bach 4 You" are even ... much more favorable. And thus "is to be determined": "Bach 4 You" offers cool gifts for musicians, really cool gifts for musicians. * Why "9 + 3" and not twelve? Because there are 33 composer calendars and 66 other music calendars. And of those 99 calendars, we turned nine into inexpensive works. The Beethoven Calendar, the Mozart Calendar, and the Luther Calendar followed a few years later and since then the Calendar Publishing House "Bach 4 You" has just the 9 + 3 favorable offers. The 33 composers calendars differ from the three most recent works, in that twelve different masters are presented in each of the 33 composers calendars. In the Mozart Calendar, the Beethoven Calendar, and the Luther Calendar there are twelve motifs each from this one composer from Bonn, Germany, Salzburg, Austria and Eisleben, Germany. So, this is the reason for the reference "9 + 3".




More Suggestions? More Gifts for Musicians?


Right: Actually, you can find on this, our website only two kinds of musician gifts. First, there are the 99 calendars around the topics of music, Bach, pipe organs and composers, plus music for children. And secondly, there are the gifts for musicians on the subject of Bach, on this page – as small appetizers – a little further down. Some of these Bach gifts can also be found in other "corners of the internet". However: Such a selection of calendars on the exciting topics, as well as the offer of Bach gifts here – that is at "Bach 4 You" – both together cannot be found anywhere else at all: not on the internet and certainly not elsewhere. Not at any rate, if you are looking for gifts for musicians. And then ... there's another very special way I'd like to get you excited about products from my Publishing House.


Please support our Bach Mission, even with the purchase of a music gift from another vendor … learn more here.



The First of All Composers Calendars: One of Our Noble Gifts for Musicians


This was, is and remains the first composers calendar compiled by Peter Bach Jr. and published by my small Book and Calendar Publisher "Bach 4 You". Twelve famous composers decorate twelve title pages of historical weekly newspapers such as "Über Land und Meer" (... "Over Land and Sea") and "Allgemeine Familien-Zeitung" (... "General Family Newspaper"). This calendar has been available since 2015 and in each subsequent year. So also 2023, 2024, 2025, 2026, 2027 ... And so on. So too late for this musician gift you will get ... really never.



Why After All Is a Bach Mission Offering Gifts for Musicians?  


Well, somehow it is obvious ... the answer. And then again, it's not. At least you can find out here and now, if you are interested. Our Bach Mission started around 2011 and can be traced back to a research that investigated whether the so-called Bindersleben line of the Bache is related to the musical family of Johann Sebastian Bach. Bindersleben is today a suburb of Erfurt in Thuringia, Germany. So at first the Project Bach über Bach was created by my husband, Peter Bach Jr. with his first website on the subject of the Thomas Cantor. Much later I founded my Renate Bach Publishing House "Bach 4 You", first as a book publisher to release the Biography about Bach for Children, later written by Peter. Afterwards, "Bach 4 You" also became a small, specialized music calendar publishing house. Together, my Publishing House and Peter's Bach Project are the mission of both of us, with the goal of spreading the work, life and music of the star composer Johann Sebastian Bach even more intensively throughout the world. After the website "Bach über Bach", the English variant Bach on Bach was created – almost at the same time – and finally, as if strung on a string of pearls, the more specific site Bach in Wechmar... it is a comprehensive website about the place in Bach history where it all began with the music-making of the clan then called Bache. Johann Sebastian Bach für Kinder was a big challenge at first, because this website addresses three different age groups of kids at the same time, but also parents, grandparents and especially teachers. It, this website then accompanies to the website Bach Biography für Kinder and its English counterpart Johann Sebastian Bach for Children as well as to the exciting website "Bach Coloring Book". The Bach Coloring Book is a combination of 23 drawings to color together with a mini-biography about the life of Johann Sebastian Bach in German and English: Together it is only about 500 words, so this biography is more than ultra-short, maybe even the "shortest ever".  The author even developed a Kindergarten Game About Bach and a website to offer the Bach Complete Edition (... music) and the Bach Complete Works (... note sheets) round off the mission almost and many years. The youngest and also extensive project to accompany people of all ages to the expert from Eisenach in Thuringia, Germany is the Mission Classical Music for Children. Also – almost as a matter of course – with several publications on the internet. What is Classical Music? ... this question is answered above all. "How do you find your way to Classical Music?" "What are the 300 Popular pieces of Classical Music?"


Many, many websites on the subject needed ... and still need today ... a really rich selection of illustrations and with the goal to use not only "dusty, boring, old paintings like the Haußmann" ( ... I apologize for this choice of words), but also to offer young, cool, hip and fresh portraits, a very simple mathematical problem arose: Of course, this money has to come from somewhere. For wood and steel engravings, etchings, paintings, for stamps and for treasures from flea markets. And what is the best way to finance all this? With a store. And what could be more obvious than to combine the many illustrations into calendar themes? Finally, to offer these music calendars as gifts for musicians. But it quickly became clear how tiny, actually infinitely tiny, the group of Bach lovers around the world is. And even among them, we have only reached the one or the other so far.


The group of those who are enthusiastic about all ( ! ) Classical Composers and even more so about their music is many times larger. And maybe we will succeed to involve them in our project and to inspire them. And so all, the many, many calendars about the Classical Composers of this world were created. And all 33 of them eventually became gifts for musicians. Many, many gifts for musicians. After the 33 Bach calendars, the 33 music calendars followed, and today there are exactly 99+ 3 music calendars ... completely unusual musicians gifts. Musicians gifts that you will practically never find at any of the major suppliers.



99 + 3 Gifts for Musicians, That Is to Say 99 + 3 Calendars in the Subject of Music, Composers and Bach: Part 1 of the Gifts for Musicians in the Publishing House “Bach 4 You”  


In all seriousness ... it's nice that you're still here reading. We are glad about that. But just for this reason here is the hint: On this page of the website you will actually find only a small part of all 99 + 3 music calendars. That is only some of the 33 Bach calendars, the 33 composers calendars and the 33 music calendars. That's why you can get here very quickly to actually all 99 + 3, not arranged, but complete. You can't order them there, but you can quickly skim through all of them. And determine whether they are nice musicians gifts for you. You can then buy them in the Shop of "Bach 4 You". There you will also find the individual monthly sheets ... always under the price information in the right "calendar corner", after you have decided for one of the calendars with a click on the button under the calendar title. For my small Publishing House Bach 4 You applies – and that since 2016 – in any case: We think up more musician gifts ... always more and always original musician gifts.


33 options per area: It is already the largest offer of calendars for Bach fans anywhere, the most abundant calendar offer of its kind for fans of Classical Music, and you are then also spoiled for choice: landscape or portrait format? DIN A2 or DIN A3 or DIN A4 (... your converter is here)? A favorable calendar or a hot off the press calendar ? A music calendar, a pipe organ calendar, a Bach calendar, a composers calendar or a music calendar for kids and teens? That won't be easy, because there are musician gifts and more musician gifts at "Bach 4 You". Here's an overview of them all.



Many, Very Many Bach Gifts Are Also Cool Gifts for Musicians and for Music Fans. It Is, so to Speak, in the Offer of “Bach 4 You” the Part 2 


A complete impression – and well arranged – can be found at Bach 4 You. Here, on this page of this website, everything remains loose, relaxed and incomplete. Unsorted ... as well as entertaining. Just to explore and to inspire you. That's why there are only a few little pictures here, and they are by far not complete.


The Bach Coloring Book, in two languages, painted by a cousin ninth degree of Johann Sebastian Bach. It comes with a really extreme short biography which introduces future Classical Music fans absolutely careful into the subject. Click here for the Bach coloring book's own website.


Without doubt this gift for musicians is the star in the Publishing House "Bach 4 You" program: the Biography about Johann Sebastian Bach with Veit and Balthazar for Children. The very first work of author Peter Bach Jr.! The cute illustrations were painted by Peter's sister Petra-Ines Kaune.


The matching Kindergarten Game für pedagogues, who love to "explore frontiers" every once in a while. If you are interested in this subject in particular: Here is a whole special website. Plus, with such a game you don't have to buy 20 Bach Coloring Books, just to snip them apart.


In addition to music calendars, you can also find many other exciting ideas around Johann Sebastian Bach in the Renate Bach Verlag (... Publishing House) "Bach 4 You" Shop, which make a perfect musicians gift. Why not browse around there a little later? With one click here ... you'll be there right away. Already since 2020, "Bach 4 You" with its offers on other gift platforms on the internet is exactly the provider where you can find and buy the most Bach gifts worldwide. Plus, Bach gifts are just also? Musicians gifts and more musicians gifts.



Gifts for Musicians ... There Is Really Much, Much More ... No, Actually You Don’t Know This Offer From a Little More “Up the Page”! It Is Actually Part 3 (... Plus a Little Also Part 4)


And on the platforms above there are really only gifts for musicians? No ... not at first. But with the creative output of us two Bachs in the Bach Mission, we make many, many items a gift for musicians. T-shirts, baby bibs, mugs ... caps, quilts, pacifiers. And of course there are gifts for older children. So gifts for musicians who are between four and twelve years old .... just teens. Just browse on these portals once. You can get there by clicking here



Zazzle, Redbubble, Spreadshirt and Co. ... Music Gifts for Little Musicians, Music Gifts for Big Musicians 


So, yeah ... gifts for musicians. But what exactly do Zazzle, Redbubble, Cafepress and Spreadshirt do?


These four gift platforms – all of them exist "only" on the internet – offer items that you can give to yourself (... what is it?) or make a gift. In our case, of course, to a gift for musicians or for music fans. And how does it work? First, the mug is white, the t-shirt too, and the smartphone case. Or black, or green, or yellow and so on. And now we – the two Bachs with their Bach Mission – come into play.


For the project "Bach on Bach" by Peter Bach Jr. this designer needed and still needs "tons of" illustrations. Modern Bach paintings, historical engravings, historical paintings, drawings, etchings and so much more. That ... costs money, lots of money ... and ... then there they are, these little historical jewels and the new, modern works of art, such as watercolors, oil paintings, drawings and pencil drawings, which were and are made in the 21st century worldwide by – mostly young – artists. For Peter's project. For his Bach Project. For the Bach Project Bach on Bach and its cool English sister site with its many Bach subjects Bach über Bach.


Now there are two flies and one flap (... maybe in English it's two birds and one stone): In this Bach Mission, the idea was born to refinance the expenses – at least in part – like a museum. This means that the shop in the Publishing House "Bach 4 You" came into being. Already in the second year, the Bachs discovered that there were only very few music calendars ... apart from calendars about modern musicians and bands. And with that, one thing was certain: The Bachs will do that! The range of music calendars, Bach gifts and then ... one gift  for musicians after another ... just also quite generally music gifts.


So, how exactly does that work? An example. Zazzle offers a cup, a coffee cup, and you can drink tea from it as well. It comes in different colors. Artists and creative people all over the world can now contribute all kinds of motifs. Artwork, sketches, cool sayings, whatever. If – as in the case of Bach 4 You – it's a musical motif, then the neutral gift becomes a music gift. So the decor, the idea, the creative performance makes the gift a music gift, a gift for little musicians and a gift for big musicians.


Below now is a small selection from already soon 1,000 gifts for musicians, so also music gifts. Over the years, there will be many more, because we are creative every single day that the sun rises. And then you will find them, on one of the four platforms or in the store of Bach 4 You. So it's worth coming back. Especially long before Christmas.



Music Gifts for Musicians ... The Cooperation Between the Bachs and Spreadshirt, Zazzle, Redbubble, and Cafepress 


Musician gifts and more musician gifts: You can certainly call it that with this variety of options. Only because "Bach 4 You" specializes in offering music calendars, that is music calendars, pipe organ calendars, Bach calendars and also composers calendars, the time between ordering and shipping is extremely short. The favorable calendars are here, ready for shipment (... at the end of each year, as long as stocks last), for a hot off the press calendar in professional, high quality about two weeks for production and twice shipping is pretty fast. With this offer of "Bach 4 You" we offer you a completely new option of musician gifts. Because: music calendars are also cool musician gifts. Click here to get to the store.



Maybe One Day in the Future: 10,000 Gifts for Musicians by "Bach 4 You"


Two gifts for musicians: On the left it is the Bach calendar, one of 99 + 3 music calendars, on the right it is the tiny Bach figure from the Erzgebirge in Germany, which is the Ore Mountains.


Please support our Bach Mission, even with the purchase of a music gift, from another vendor ... learn more.


On the left side it is a Bach beer stein. However, there is a second historical Bach beer stein and many, really many "modern" Bach beer steins. On the right side it's the 2024 Pipe Organ Calendar.


Two gifts for musicians: a composers calendar, which of course is also a music calendar on the left. On the right side it's a composers T-shirt, which is then ... also a music T-shirt.


The Mozart Calendar and the Beethoven Calendar. Again. Plus as a last work: the Luther Calendar. All three are – strictly speaking – not composers calendars. According to our internal editorial definition. Because in these three calendars there are no twelve composers listed and honored. In the left one there are twelve Mozart motifs, in the center twelve Beethoven motifs, and in the right twelve Luther motifs.



* including VAT, plus S&H fees