The Very Special Composers Calendar with 12 Out of 36 Favorite Composers: That is Not Just Any Gift for Musicians, But It's a Real Amazing Gift for Musicians!


We were so enthusiastic about the skills of a young painter that we actually ordered 36 different portraits of great classical composers. Now you can mix not only your personal favorites, but also your grandma's and grandpa's favorite classical composers. And the same goes for the favorite composers of your music teacher, your piano teacher and whoever. Well.... have fun.


A gift for musicians (... to remind you: That Is How We  ( ! ) Selected the Composers) and then your selection of 36 international masters of the art of music.


That is what the look like in a real big size, 3 out of 26 gentleman in this design1.25 billion options. So what does that mean? 1.25 billion Gifts for musicians. Under that picture underline you will find the colleagues from Mr. Beethoven, Mr. Wagner and Mr. Mozart.


No, no, it's completely serious, and we've had it worked out. Because we couldn't do it ourselves. The composers calendar you see above is the one we ( ! ) have put together for you. In the shop you are welcome to explore the monthly sheets we have selected. However: In this painting style we have not only 12, but 36 composers. You can choose 12 of them yourself, namely your 12 favorite composers, or those of your parents, or those of your friends, or those of your grandparents. And this fun only costs € 10 more. Well, it's one of the calendars hot off the press, but they can keep up with similar offers on the market in terms of price. And with one click here you can get more information. By the way: Unfortunately, you cannot get there directly via the navigation. Only just ... use the link above: what a musical gift!  


So, Now It's Your Turn: Handcraft a One of a Kind, Handcraft the Only Gift for a Musician of its Kind, Handcraft a Unique Composers Calendar


And right to the point. An individual music calendar of this kind costs only € 10.00 more than a "hot off the press" and that works in 3 sizes. Add the S&H and please do not wait until shortly before birthday, Christmas or the turn of the year.

The first three composers from a selection of 36. More composers – that is to say all other composers – can be discovered and enjoyed after the small text section below. At the top and very close by, certainly, are Herr Liszt, Herr Haydn and Herr van Beethoven. If this is of great interest to you: There's only this one painting style of this one artist in our Johann Sebastian Bach Dream Team. And the very best: This calendar will cost you hardly more than the other calendars of the publisher "hot off the press". No matter which size of the calendar you decide on. It is the price for the "hot off the press" calendars for sizes A4 and A3 and A2. Plus € 10 for the compilation of your dream musicians. Please read the last chapter on this page if you like this offer very much. 


So You Don't Have to Research Much!

So that you don't have to search long to find out how much this fun will cost, here are the key figures for you. First there is this calendar with 12 experts selected by us. These are Beethoven and Bach, Mozart and Handel, Mendelssohn Bartholdy and Brahms, Liszt and Strauss (son), Bruckner and Schumann as well as Tchaikovsky and Chopin. This composer's calendar costs exactly the same price as all calendars "hot off the press" from the publisher (... sensational compared to other high-quality calendars on other topics in the respective size). Would you like to have a quick look ? The postage and shipping costs will be added. VAT is included. You can always order this composer's calendar "hot off the press", a small advantage with the hot off the press calendars. That means more precisely? Well, you get it for the coming year 12 months in advance and the one for the current year still in December ... even in 5 years. The prices? € 22.90 / 31.90 / 49.90.


Now for the special feature: Logically, you can only have your favorite composers put together to a calendar if we print it afterwards all alone for you and very fresh. For the effort of combining these gentlemen musicians together to a calendar, a small amount of work of only € 10 is required, and this amount is added to the calendar price in the section above.


36 composers of world-class ... and you managed to find the one, who we missed. Correct? Correct?


Now you are sure to know all 36 composers, which you can reduce to 12 masters in one composer calendar. And maybe already as early as you decide for the selection, you realize, how that offer came into being at all: In the very beginning of the project and meeting this artist, we decided to combine the 12 best in one calendar. The next best 12 to a second calendar in that style and finally the 12 third best composers to a third composers calendar. However, it's going to get really tough when you have to create this second calendar out of these 36 composers: Do you skip the very important famous composers like Bach and Mozart and you create a calendar with master from the "second row" so to speak?. And is it after all "the second row"? Is it at all possible to compare the skills of the world best musicians?. And if "yes", what are the criteria? So, exactly for that reason the concept changed at "Bach 4 You". Now and finally there is just one composer calendar in that design. However: No number 2. Plus of course no third. Because we hand over this ball in to your field. With pleasure. On the other hand that is how that really extraordinary came into being: Why don't you help yourself. Have much fun with that.


The American composer John Philip Sousa  exactly here again on a very special place. He is the completion of the chapter and the page, on which you may choose 12 from 36 composers and create a real personal, individual composers calendar. That is to say a handcrafted personal gift for musicians by yourself. What a fun!

It's Not that Simple After All


The Renate Bach Verlag "Bach 4 You", cannot compete with the big German players in the industry. Not with DuMont, not with the Arche Verlag and not with the St. Benno Verlag, although the quality of our products is extraordinary, we are fast, reliable, inexpensive and also personal. But in return we offer you direct contact with the only and also most qualified member of the publishing house staff, at the same time boss and owner. One call and you talk to me.


So what is not quite so simple then? It's ordering this special calendar. There are no "36 buttons on a sub page of a sub page of our shop". It works completely different with this one of our musician gifts. But bottom line: It is quite easy. You choose 12 gentlemen from the 36 above. You write down these names in a mail – via the contact form of the shop – send the mail to the publisher, and we send you your selection first, compiled: to make sure that we both mean the same musicians. An allocation to the months ( ... Bach in January, Mozart in June etc.) is unfortunately not possible. And also the calendar title page remains as you have seen it. If our compilation is perfect, then give us your "Okay", transfer the money we have calculated and the calendar is ready for printing. Around two weeks later, you'll finally have your favorites – or those of your friends – in the parcel service car on your doorstep.


Actually, it's not less easy... it's just different. Your order of your musician gift of the composer calendar "12 of 36". Here's your way to the shop, find the "12 of 36" composers calendar in the navigation on the right.


Gifts for Musicians ... Really 1,000+ Gifts for Musicians?


On the left side it is a music calendar and a composers calendar and a Bach calendar. On the right side it is, also a specialty of the publisher, a music T-shirt, a composer T-shirt and also a Bach T-shirt. But do not take this hint too seriously. Below you come to the shop and we recommend the shop of "Bach 4 You" for the music calendars and Spreadshirt for the music T-shirts.


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And again a Bach calendar, perhaps the opposite of "conservative. On the right side is one of the latest Bach gifts, and we call it the little Bach figure.


How cool these music calendars are: on the left exclusively with Mozart, on the right exclusively with Beethoven.


On the left side it's one of the traditional composers calendars, on the right side it is a music T-shirt and a composers T-shirt for young folks.